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Accessing Terra Dotta

Your profile in Terra Dotta is created once you begin your first request. If you try to log-in directly to Terra Dotta before you have started a request, you will receive an error. Once you have started at least one request, you can log in directly to Terra Dotta by clicking Login to the top right. You will need your Net ID and password to create a request and to login to Terra Dotta.

To access Terra Dotta, you must:
  1. Receive official admission to Texas A&M University
  2. Accept offer of admission to Texas A&M University
  3. Claim your NetID and password
  4. Wait approximately 24 hours after both items above are complete for the system data to refresh
  5. Create a request using the list of available requests in the menu bar on the left side of this page
If you have been fully admitted, you have accepted your offer of admissions, you have claimed your NetID and password, and you have waited 24 hours, but you are still unable to log into Terra Dotta from a specific request, email with the subject line Terra Dotta Login Help. Include the following information:
  • Full Name
  • UIN
  • Issues encountered when attempting to start a request (specify which request)
  • Include a screenshot, if possible

Terra Dotta Requests

Refer to the links on the left side of this page to find all available Terra Dotta requests. Visit the Request Availability and Deadlines page for detailed information about the availability of specific Terra Dotta programs/requests. 

Nearly all requests are available for students to submit directly in Terra Dotta. If you do not find the request you need, please email your name, UIN, supporting documentation, and a detailed description of your request to

There are two types of records that students will see in Terra Dotta: 
  • Records that are linked to SEVIS 
  • Records that are NOT linked to SEVIS 

Records that are directly linked to SEVIS usually have (F-M) or (J) at the end of their names. Records that are not linked to SEVIS are either processed without the use of SEVIS or they were specifically designed by ISS to capture additional information that isn't included in the SEVIS-mapped record. In the event that a processing request requires SEVIS action, but the Terra Dotta record is not specifically linked to SEVIS, then upon processing the request, a separate SEVIS-linked record is created automatically through the interaction between Terra Dotta and SEVIS. As a result, two records are visible to the student after the request has been processed. The first record is the student-submitted request. The second record is the SEVIS- linked record indicating that the process has been completed within the SEVIS database. 

A good example of this process is Reduced Course Load (RCL) requests for F-1 students. There are 3 distinct student-submitted Terra Dotta programs used for these requests (Academic, Medical, and Final Term); however, there is only one SEVIS-linked record that relates to RCLs for F-1 students.  A student who submits any RCL request (or record) in Terra Dotta will end up with two records once the request is complete and processed by ISS. One is the RCL request (or record) that the student submitted. The other is the SEVIS-linked record indicating that the process was completed in SEVIS. 

Additional Terra Dotta Information

Terra Dotta uses specific and unique terminology for several items in its request process.  We have put together a brief glossary to help you better understand what Terra Dotta is referencing when you are submitting a request.

Record, Program, Request: These three names all reference the same thing in regards to your submission. The program allows you to submit a request which creates a record for staff to process. It can be a bit confusing, but you may see these terms used interchangeably on the ISS website.

Learning Content: These are required readings that explain different aspects of the request you are submitting to ISS. You must read through them and click "Mark as Read" to move forward with a request submission.

Questionnaires: Questionnaires are used to collect the information necessary for ISS to process your request. Information collected can include answers to basic demographic and immigration status questions. It can also include uploaded immigration documents, such as a copy of your passport. Requests may include required questionnaires, conditional questionnaires, and optional questionnaires.  More information about specific questionnaires are available in each program.

Signature Documents / Materials: Most programs will include documentation which you must digitally sign. They may be referenced as either a signature document or material. Signatures must be complete before a program can be submitted.

Statuses / Status Aliases: Terra Dotta has statuses built into the system such as pending, accepted, wait listed among others. ISS uses status aliases internally to help us keep track of your requests. You may receive emails that reference various status aliases such as:
  • Returned to Student: This requires you to complete something before we can move forward.
  • Supervisor Review in Progress: This means that your request has been completed but is transferred to a supervisor for final review. 
  • Ready to Print: This means that a staff member is working remotely and cannot print your document until they return to the office.
  • Notified of Deferral: This means we were notified by your department or admissions that you had deferred your admissions to a future term or you notified us directly that you no longer plan to request a document for the term you submitted the request.
Application Stages: Before ISS completes a request, your application is in a Pre-Decision application stage. After a request has been completed or a decision has been reached by ISS staff that a request is not required, the request is changed to a Post-Decision application stage. In some cases, emails will explain to you to complete Post-Decision content that is different than Pre-Decision content. Think of Pre-Decision as the initial request requirements and Post-Decision as additional or optional requirements, depending on the request. 
To submit an electronic request through Terra Dotta, you simply have to click the URL or application text found in the areas of the page that reference our available requests. Unlike submitting a request at the front desk, you can start a request in Terra Dotta before having all the required documents. However, you will not be able to actually submit the request until you fulfill all requirements within it. Please refer to each program's instructions and learning content for relevant requirements and instructions.

Below is a general overview of how to interact with a program from start to finish.
  1.  Select the program you wish to submit for ISS to process. You will most likely be prompted to log-in using your NetID and password.
  2. Choose the appropriate Term for your request. Most requests may only have a few options available at one time.
    • If you are a currently enrolled student applying for an updated document or travel signature, please select the current term.
    • If the request is for a future benefit (like CPT or RCL) you may have to select the term in which the benefit will be in effect. So, if it's Spring 2020 and you are submitting a CPT request for authorization to work in Summer 2020, select Summer 2020
    • If you are a new student applying for an initial document, please select the term in which you will begin your coursework.  Below is a screenshot of the "Available Terms" screen which is present when you start the request process. If there are no available terms, that means we aren't accepting applications for that request at this time.Image which displays an example of possible terms for a program. Displayed is Summer, 2020 and Fall, 2020 
  3. Complete all requirements for the program. These requirements include Learning Content, Questionnaires, Material Submissions, Document Uploads, and Recommender Submissions. Each request has specific requirements so make sure to read the instructions and learning content carefully! You can check each section and view all necessary requirements. A blank box next to a requirement means it is not complete. Once you complete an item, the box will be filled with a check mark. In some cases, certain items are not applicable to your situation. In those cases, the box is replaced with N/A which means 'Not Applicable'. The image below shows a section including all stages for your reference.
     Image displaying an example of the three available statuses under completed. A check box indicating completion, an empty box indicating incomplete, and N/A indicating not applicable.
  4. Click submit once you complete all requirements! This is where most people get stuck. Make sure you hit the submit button when you are finished! A message with a green background should appear once your submission has been successfully logged by the system. Successful Submission
  5. Check your Texas A&M Email. All correspondence about your request will happen through your official Texas A&M email. If the message is sent through Terra Dotta, you can also view it in your User Profile.
  6. You may have to resubmit the application. If an application is missing relevant information or includes unclear or incorrect information, an ISS staff member may return the application to you for updates. Once you take the necessary actions be sure to submit your application again!
After you have started your first request in Terra Dotta, you will have a profile created automatically. If you try to log-in directly to Terra Dotta BEFORE you have started a request, you will receive an error. Once you have started at least one request, you can log in directly to Terra Dotta at any time by clicking Log In to the top right. You will need your Net ID and password. 

Once you have logged in, you will be able to access your User Profile, which contains information fed over from the Texas A&M University student information system, review your Requests/Records, which will contain your entire request history, and review all messages sent to you via Terra Dotta

For detailed information about how to see your User ProfileReview your Request/Records, or Review Messages Sent thru Terra Dotta, click on the topics below.
User Profile
To view the information on your user profile, locate the profile section and select Edit Profile.

Edit Profile

Once you are redirected, you will see information already entered in your user profile. Most of this information comes from the university student information system, so if you notice an error here you will most likely have to contact the appropriate office to update information within the system. If you have a personal email that you would like notifications from the Terra Dotta system to be sent to, enter that email in the CC Email Address field.

CC Email Address Example

Many requests require that you have a valid address on file. You can see if you have an address on file by selecting the Address Info tab

Address Information Tab

In the example shown below, there is no US address or Foreign Address on file! If your profile is missing a required address, please make updates on the Howdy student portal.

Missing Address Information Example

More instructions on how to update your address and phone number can be found at Please be advised that changes made in the university system may take 24 hours to feed over to Terra Dotta. 

For detailed information on understanding areas of your user profile and how to resolve issues you find, please navigate to the appropriate document listed below:      
Reviewing your Requests/Records
After you login to Terra Dotta, you can review a request by clicking on the name of the record. You will see all your records after you first log in on the right column of your screen.  

Once you click on the name of a record, you will be taken to the request and will be able to review all Learning Content, Questionnaires, Signature Documents, and Document Uploads, including those added by ISS staff. These requests and their contents are always available to you, even after you complete a request!

If the request has been returned to you for correction, this is where you can interact with it and make any necessary adjustments as instructed by an ISS staff member. Remember, you need to hit the submit button once you are done to notify staff you have resubmitted your request!

If you decide that you no longer want to have ISS assist you with your request, you can Withdraw the request by clicking the Withdraw button. You will be given the opportunity to explain why you are withdrawing a request before updating the system.

If you withdraw a request by mistake, you may Reinstate the request.  Below are examples of records in various stages.

Record Eligible for Withdraw:

Record Eligible for Reinstatement:
Reviewing Messages Sent thru Terra Dotta
After you have logged into Terra Dotta, you will see the Messages panel under the Profile panel on the right hand side of the page.

To view the message content, click on the subject of the message.


To return to the User Home Page after reading the message, select Return at the bottom of the page.


If you wish to view all messages sent to you through Terra Dotta, select View All Messages. All messages will be displayed in order with the most recently sent at the top.

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